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Management Team

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Image: Christopher Verro

Christopher Verro: Principal / Owner

As owner and CEO of Ajax, Christopher is a hands-on leader, who remains involved in all details of his business. With the experience and knowledge of having worked all aspects of the business hands on, he provides guidance and direction that stem from over 20 years of industry experience and success. Christopher leads by example, setting the standards of quality, character and integrity that have been maintained and developed over the years, making Ajax the company that it is today.
Image: Deanna Boudreau

Deanna Boudreau: President / GM

With Ajax for 10 years, Deanna works with department heads to ensure corporate objectives and metrics are met in all areas. Responsible for developing and driving strategic marketing and sales initiatives, she also plays a key role in corporate structure, culture, budget analysis and business systems implementation and management. Deanna brings 15 years of leadership in sales and service environments to the Ajax team.
Image: Robert Howe

Robert Howe: VP / Controller

With Ajax for 7 years, Bob manages all financial and accounting functions. Responsible for tax compliance and all accounting practices while ensuring sound fiscal management. He also plays an active role in vendor relations and operational planning and support. Bob is a family man that brings 20 years of financial and accounting experience along with good insight into the operational procedures of many different business types to the Ajax team.
Image: Wilson Magalhaes

Wilson Magalhaes: Continuous Improvement Manager

With Ajax for 8 years, Wilson is a key member of the Operations Management Team. First joining Ajax as a Site Supervisor, Wilson was soon promoted to Project Supervisor and placed in charge of Equipment Maintenance. He was promoted to the role of Roving Field Manager, then Regional Account Manager, and most recently to his current role of Assistant Operations Manager in which he plays an integral role in overseeing our Regional Account Managers and assisting in managing day-to-day operations. Wilson is a strong team player who brings exceptional management, organizational and training skills to the Ajax team.
Image: Miqueias Aniceto

Miqueias Aniceto: Regional Account Manager

With Ajax for 7 years, Miqueias first joined Ajax as a site Supervisor. Targeted for our Management Training Program because of his strong work ethic, attention to detail and ability to handle difficult situations, we were proud to promote him to Regional Account Manager nearly 4 years ago. He has since proven to be a strong team player and valuable asset to the operations team.
Image: Luis Espinal

Luis Espinal: Operations Manager

With Ajax for almost 5 years, Luis first Joined Ajax as a cleanroom specialist, and was promoted to building supervisor where he was quickly identified as a management training candidate. Luis became a Regional Account Manager almost 3 years ago, and has become a great asset to the team showing exceptional management, organizational and training skills as well as flexibility and team spirit.
Image: Juan Estrada

Juan Estrada: Regional Account Manager

With Ajax for over 5 years, Juan first joined Ajax as a site manager for one of our key accounts. Having been promoted to Regional Account Manager last year, Juan has quickly become an asset to the operations team bringing with him exceptional recruiting, teamwork, training and project management skills.