Ajax News

We are pleased to announce our new Supervisor Orientation Program in which every Night Cleaning Supervisor will spend a paid administrative training day at our Headquarters in Wakefield, MA. We believe that in addition to all of the field training and support that our supervisors receive, a home-office based orientation program will help establish a greater connection between the supervisors and the internal/administrative management force.

Supervisors will tour our warehouse and see how inventory is managed on a grand scale. They will also meet each member of our staff, to see who we are, what we do and how we function as a team. This will be the first in what will ultimately be a quarterly series of ongoing offsite training modules delivered to Ajax supervisors. Our belief is that this will show them that they have a great support structure and are part of a bigger team. This will also help us to better identify candidates that are interested in and/or should be encouraged to join our Management Training Program.

Here we GROW again!

Ajax is proud to announce several recent acquisitions that we are excited to partner with:

  • Phillips / Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Farley White Interests
  • BJ’s / Cushman & Wakefield

Come and Visit!

Ajax welcomes and encourages any and all clients or prospective clients to come and visit us at our Headquarters (click here for address, map and contact info). We love to give tours, introduce key players and show clients how we operate. Walk-ins are always welcome, but consider calling to schedule your visit in order to ensure that the whole team will be here to meet you!