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How We Work

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Here at Ajax we are not just another building service contractor. We are breeding an entire culture of associates who really know what it means to work as a team; toward a common goal driven by core values that we truly believe in.

We have devised a way to simplify, organize and breakdown the cleaning process to ensure correct, efficient, and timely service. By using our Employee Scheduling and Organizing System along with our very own “Seven Steps to a Clean Building”, we ensure that all employees and supervisors know exactly what cleaning tasks each is responsible for, on what days it should be done, and in what order the cleaning process should take place.

In addition to regular daily routines, building inspections and personnel management, Ajax Field Supervisors are required to perform additional and more specific Quality Audits in key areas (for example our Weekly Restroom Audit). This process ensures additional attention to key areas as well as more detailed information being collected. This enables us to not only ensure that your needs are met, but to serve as the first line of defense in heading off employee or tenant complaints.

Safety and Quality are steadfast priorities at Ajax. From our Total Quality Management Approach to our Ongoing Safety Program, to our Hiring and Screening process, you will see that Ajax is truly your partner in maintaining your facility.