Employee Benefit Program

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Traditionally, cleaners have been relegated to the bottom of the employment ladder. Most have been ignored as far as benefit packages are concerned. High attrition rates have been accepted as a normal part of doing business. At Ajax, we have sought, with success, to change this pattern. Some of these benefits and programs are seldom found in our industry; but they are essential, we feel, to developing and maintaining a steady, responsible workforce, with minimal turnover. Our employees are paid fairly, treated well, and given outstanding benefits and incentives. Our clients are assured of seasoned, reliable cleaning personnel, well supervised and well treated.

All full time and part time personnel on our payroll enjoy the following comprehensive benefits:

  • Formal Performance Reviews / Merit Increases
  • Paid Annual Vacations
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Ten (10) Paid Holidays
  • Health Benefit Package (Full Time Only)
  • Pension Program (Full Time Only)
  • Financial Assistance (short term, interest free loans)
  • Use of Ajax Business Equipment and Resources
  • Employee incentive programs (recognition, reward and advancement opportunities)