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It is of prime importance that workers be selected for skills and qualifications to match the needs of the job. Specific job classifications may require special skills and training. Every effort is made to ensure each employee has been placed in a job that best suits his or her experience level. In order to ensure that all Ajax Building Cleaning Corporation employees are capable, responsible, conscientious, and safety oriented, the following steps are taken when hiring and training new employees.

All prospective employees must complete the standard employment application, I9, and W4, and complete a comprehensive background check and drug test consent form. The Operations Manager and/or District Manager will interview the applicant so that their education, experience and knowledge in the maintenance field may be evaluated. All employees, who are approved by the appropriate manager, must undergo complete background screening (including a criminal record check) provided by a third party professional service, as well as drug testing at the company’s discretion (or based on contractual requirements). Potential employees are then tested to substantiate their knowledge of such items as proper restroom procedures, stripping and refinishing of floors, carpet shampooing and bonneting, customer expectations and satisfaction, equipment operation, chemical handling, safety and security. This ensures proper job placement based upon each employee’s individual skill set.